Service being done?

I am working with a class right now and they cannot get into the program. Is there service going on right now?

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We are getting errors here, too. Students getting a “site down” error with a cloud. Loading really slow. I wonder if it’s all the traffic from HOC?

Can you please notify us before any scheduled server updates so we can plan accordingly. This is the second time I have been in the middle of introducing CoSpaces to a class and had them lose work because of the server updates during their work. I understand that sometimes they happen quickly and need to happen that way, but if it is something scheduled or something you are expecting, can you PLEASE try to notify us before the server is down? It is even more frustrating for kids just learning the program to have to start a project over from scratch.

Hi all,

it indeed was because of the “Hour of Code”. We prepared for high traffic but in order to handle the increasing traffic we needed to made a quick fix to our server infrastructure.

Regarding lost work caused by server down time or internet connection issues, we’re already working on solutions to prevent it and/or notify the user upfront through our UI.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

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