Set cuboid texture with code

How do I set the texture of a cuboid with script?

Hi @jasonthegreat,

Currently you cannot set the texture with a script.
Could you please describe what you want to implement so we could think of workaround?

How about this?
Duplicate cuboids. Alternate opacity.

Yes, that is nice idea.
Other option could be to copy the existing template bricks.

What I am thinking is, create 100 blocks and make them look like wood. I have a program that creates blocks, gives them a random position and sets their color to a “wood” color. I would like to make them look like wood.

Create an original wood block with opacity of zero. Create 100 copies in random positions and set their opacity 100%.

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FYI, I tried using 1 item and continuously setting its position to 10 pre-set random positions (in both CoBlocks & Scripting) to see if it was more performant. The result? It’s not (but worth a shot!) :sweat_smile:

Geoff @ TechLeap