Set default variable & cospace property value datatype to Number

I have answered 2 queries in the last week which are all to do with users trying to use the change variable by block with a number in the default variable string value:

This is also a common issue for my students, and while it’s a good opportunity to discuss datatypes I do wonder whether the set variable block and set cospace property blocks should have a number value by default.

A good argument for this is that the number datatype causes zero confusion - it’s absolutely a number.

I’d be interested in hearing thoughts from others on this. @Nikolay @Stefan @afmcdnl

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi @techleapnz,

Thanks for pointing out this issue. Teaching datatypes is indeed very important, though in the case of CoBlocks we’ve been using an approach that allows using both number and string type variables to be used in blocks in which a number is expected (this is already the case for all transition blocks, math expressions, if conditions, etc).

The changeBy block has been using a stricter value type rule which we’re planning to adjust in order to support both number and string variables in the next release.

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