Share on iPad (without the app)?

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With our student devices, we don’t have the current capability to download and install the CoSpaces app. Is there a way to view spaces via a browser window?

Good question, @Sarah_W! Theoretically, this should be possible (at least, on Chrome); however, I tested on both Google Chrome & Safari on iPad 2, and neither could load a CoSpace. This may just reflect the age of my iPad (9 years and still going strong!!!).

I’m going to bring in an expert - @Stefan, thoughts?

Geoff @ TechLeap

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Hi there!

Unfortunately CoSpaces Edu is not supported on mobile browsers at this time. We’re always investigating new platforms to make CoSpaces Edu available on, and the mobile browsers themselves are a complex topic. I’ll bring it up with our developers so we can take a look if browser support is viable.

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When you say mobile, do you mean tablet or handy/cellphone? Because we’re talking tablet.


Hi @techleapnz,

Yes both mobile phone and tablets require the app to run CoSpaces Edu.

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Thank you! I appreciate the clarification!