Sharing virtual assignment help?

Hi there! My class created a virtual museum with the merge cube. As a teacher, I can display all 47 of the museums so that if I want to look at a students, I can. We are at the point where I want the whole school to be able to view them (but more imporantly parents). I decided to log myself into 5 iPads on stands for display but inevitably when I log myself into one iPad, it logs me out of the other one. I understand the reasoning but how do I allow the entire 47 virtual museums to display so that students and parents can choose which ones they want to look at on the 5 iPads I have on stands?


You can designe an “index cube” where you show buttons and on click, they redirect to the museum you want to show.

Hi Angelica, here a few ideas.
You can create a LINKTREE or a site. I like Google and specially Wix.
You can decide to link your CoSpaces or embed them.
You can create posters with the QR code, so the parents can open the CoSpaces on their devices.
You can create bookmakers

Good luck