Skiing down a mountain

I’m working with fifth graders who are new to coding. We want to create a winter scene with a skier going down a mountain. How do we get the skier to start at the top of the mountain and ski to the bottom without falling through the mountains we created?

To make it more fun we’d like it if the skier hit a mogul to flip, but we are having trouble with the physics part.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can’t find an example to look at in the gallery.

Hi Mary Beth!
Can you double click on the mountain, turn on physics and set the mountain to static?
See if that works!

Hi @Mary_Beth_Burns!

As @jsnhubbard mentioned, turning on physics on an item and then setting it to static will make the item rigid so that other items with physics can collide against it. Keep in mind that all items uploaded via google poly only have box collisions (which is the white grid-outline when you click on an item).

Feel free to share the space in which you want the skier to slide down so we can take a better look at the mountains you build :slight_smile:

This is the space. How do I get skier 1 (the one that doesn’t fall) to ski down the whole mountain. It disappears. Also- I used to be able to see the coordinates of objects, but now I can’t. Is it not available in the new update?
Thanks for you help!