Small Door is misbehaving!

My students coded a small door to open and every time they click the door, the entire scene freezes. I deleted everything from the scene except the door and it still freezes. I told them to choose a different door but am wondering why this happens.

Hi @MBridges,

Thanks for the bug report! We could reproduce the issue and are working for a fix.

It seems that the door can not transition properly when it was set to the "HalfOpened" animation state. As a workaround, your students can set the door animation to "None" to make it work properly.

Thanks, Stefan! My students’ original project started with the door closed (not half opened) and produced the same results.

A related question: Why are there 4 states of animation for this door? “Half Open” is apparent and I’m guessing “none” & “don’t animate” mean closed. But what is the difference between “open” and “opened”?

Hi @MBridges,

The difference between "Open" and "Opened" are that…

  • "Open"is the animation of the door changing from closed to open
  • "Opened" is the animation of the door already being open.

It’s an older system we used before animation transitions were added. I recommend using the newer door models that do not have this issue (the brown door, french doors, front door) while we’re fixing this model :slight_smile:

Ah. Makes sense. Yes, they chose brown door instead and all is well! :slight_smile: Thanks!