Soldiers attacking camera, when "killed" cospaces doesn't continue

So I was making like a boss-fight of sorts, having a boss and two followers attacking you. They attack you and you have health points show up on your screen and they can collide 10 times with you before restarting the scene. I also made the code for when you click twice on them they disappear, like killing them. Since I have the look towards the block and move forward block in a forever block, even after killing them, the scene progression doesn’t continue.

I’ll give a screenshot of the code below.

Hi @TMS2024_Luka you could add a variable for each lorehelper, lets say isHelp1Alive and set it to true at the start of the game. Then set that variable to False before the block “delete” for loreHelper1 (also you may want to add a pause of a second or 2 so that the player can read the “Nooo” text).
Then instead of using the “Always” loop for the movement you use a “Repeat while” loop, and put your created variable in the true/false slot.
This will tell the computer when the lorehelper is deleted and so it can stop moving it forwards; So that when both enemies are slain your code will continue at the next block.
Hope this helps!

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