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Hi there,

I am the admin on our CoSpaces EDU accounts. Unless I am missing it I would love a feature to sort users. When you go to “manage users” they are all listed in alphabetical order by last name. This makes it difficult if I wanted to withdraw students from a particular class. Is there any way to have that feature?

Any thoughts or feedback?

Hi Mario,

Nice to hear from you and thanks for this suggestion!

This is very useful feedback and some sorting of a license plan’s users would indeed make sense.
We’ll look into what’s possible. What would be most useful to you, sorting them by class first?

Yes, class would work and/or school.

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Hi Mario,

you can use the search to find students from a particular class. It lets you search for students’ names as well as classes.

You can find it at the top of the page:

Thanks, my big thing is that I manage 1000 accounts that we allow teachers to use for 2 month blocks. Not all 2 month blocks start and end in the same period so one day I may need to delete 60 accounts for 2 classes, then a week later 25 more in another class. If I could sort by class that would make it easier for that.

Thanks for these insights!

Just to make sure I got that right: Currently, when searching for a class, a list of students that are in this class is displayed. You can then perform actions on all of them at once. To make things easier for you, you would like to have a similar feature that also lets you select multiple classes at once?

You also mentioned that you would like to be able to sort by school. How are you currently organizing your students by school? (Or is being able to do that part of your feature request?)

So what happens is teachers sign up for access and request a certain number of seats. I get them to login and then share our license key with them to upgrade their account. From there they create a class and add students. So, in 2 months when I need to clear them out I need the name of the class they created and then need to manually go through and find each student.

If at the top I could sort alphabetically by class name that would save a lot of time.

Another feature I just realized is if I could select everyone in my license plan and have a bulk action of sending an email to them (with whatever email they used to register).

But the sorting is my bigger issue…

Hi Mario,

Are you aware that you can search for a class to see only the students in this class?

Here’s an example where we searched for “History” and got the list of students part of the History class.

Ha, did not even notice the search option. That is helpful.

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