Squid Game Tug of War

I am trying to create a Tug of War game where the user has to continuously click on the rope to “tug” it. Eventually, the user will either tug the rope to their side and win, or they won’t have clicked fast enough and they will lose.

I created the basics of the game

Now I need to create a gamemode where there is a glass bridge and if the player steps on the wrong tile it breaks and they die.

You can use the coblock
when player collides with element
and the lists

Ok, last thing I need help with: I want to create a game with a random number generator between 1-10. I want the game to generate a random number, and the player chooses if it is even or odd on their screen. If the player guesses correctly, then the scene changed. If the player guesses incorrectly, then the player dies.

You can use the random number generator, one of the green coblock, and 10 pannels and a variable that block the click of the pannels when you already choose one of them.

Variables link

For the scene just use the coblock if… then… with the variable correct answer (true/false)