Standard AR functionality

Hi there. Can I use cospaces for regular AR type stuff. Scan phone over a surface, see an animal etc? Honestly my school doesn’t have funds for the merge cube. Is there a DIY alternative?

Hi @Ashton_Simmonds,

You don’t need Merge cube for exploring regular 3D CoSpaces in AR. You can scan your surroundings with your phone, detect a flat surface and project the CoSpace.
Merge Cube can be used to explore Merge Cube CoSpaces.

You can find more about using AR in CoSpaces here:

Hope that helps!

You can also print a flat merge cube on paper and put it together into a cube.

Merge_Paper_Cube.pdf (199.6 KB)


Wow. Mind blown. I was going to skip cospaces and run a video production unit but now I am reconsidering my options. This could be very cool. The making of the cube is more inline with my design class.

Thank you for telling me! Now I can create a space without doing it as school with the merge cube.