Start animation using CoBlocks

I’ve been looking for the blocks to use when I want to code a looped animation in the scene such as walking, running etc. There was a separate block for this when I used blockly. Can’t find it in coblocks though? Can someone tell me where it is?

Also, when I try using the move blocks, no matter what number I enter in to the value e.g. 10m or 15m , my character moves the exact same distance! Don’t know ifI’m doing something wrong.

Finally , what does ‘enter’ and exit’ mean in some of the blocks?

Hi @smartears,

the looping animation block is now simply called play animation. You can find this block in the Actions -> Generic category of CoBlocks.

“enter”, “exit”, “on”, “off” are all conditions of event handlers like the when hover -block or when collision - block.

Everything placed under “enter” in the when collision - block will happen the moment a collision between the items takes place. In contrary, “exit” will happen when the collision of the two items is over.

Please see the video below for a demonstration of the animation block in combination with the hover block.

Could you provide us a share link to your space in which you have problems with the move blocks? We’d like to investigate the issue with your example :slight_smile: