Starting rotational position for objects travelling along Path - issue

I’m testing some smooth camera work using the Path object and the “turn object to look at object” CoBlock - see

I want a smooth camera loop where the camera is always looking at a group of unicorns; however, at the beginning of each loop the camera seems to change rotation from it’s current position.

Is this a bug or a feature?

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Thanks for reporting! We will investigate this issue and give you feedback as soon as possible

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Hello techleapnz,

the problem occured in your space is that two blocks affect camera orientation simultaneously - move on path and turn to look at. In general execution order is not guaranteed.

For such animations we provided additional option turnWithPath: if it is false, moving along path will affect only object’s position but not orientation.
Unfortunately this option it available only for js-method moveOnPath but not for coblock.

So, the workaround is:

  1. add following script to your scene:

var camera = Scene.getItem("Fly Camera") as CameraItem;
var path = Scene.getItem("Camera flyover") as PathItem;
camera.transition.moveOnPath({path : path, turnWithPath : false, time : 10, repeat : true})

  1. Disable or remove move on path block

  2. Run your script and enjoy watching camera animation :nerd_face:


Thanks @mikhailo !

On a side note, I see that the API docs have changed (since I last viewed them) - are these now updated with every build/release? And will the minor releases have a version number (v1.1 etc)?

Many thanks,

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Hi @techleapnz,

We are updating documentation when we add new functions to API or change the current one.We try not to remove current functions or signatures and mark them as obsolete if they are changed.
Thank you for reminding, we will update the version number with updates.