Storing and retrieving achievements and behaviors

i’m interested to store somewhere results coming from the activities people do within our cospaces worlds (like who complete specific tasks, or scores gained, etc.).
It seems currently Cospaces doesn’t provide functions out of the box for that, nor provide features like custom db tables where to store them.
I’m considering to try and implement some javascript to store such data in db tables elsewhere on the web, within a domain owned by me, or alternatively within a google sheets.
Are there any restrictions or limitations? are there any available features for that (like for loading external js or safely storing API keys…)?

We would like to implement features for monitoring and evaluating users achievements playing with our worlds, and possibly create leaderboards, badge inventories, logs for further research analysis about its effective usage for didactics, and so on…


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Hi @mariochiesa,

that’s an interesting idea! Currently, CoSpaces does not offer public API to store data externally. I like to bring it up with the team and see what can be done.

Do you already have a set of metrics in mind you’d be interested in tracking throughout the spaces?

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Yes, can i write you privately? to what address?

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Hi @mariochiesa,

I wrote you a PM :slight_smile:

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Hi Stefan, i’m also facing the same problem.
I make several language learning scenes and game task to complete for students.
But I need to save the task progress, scores, and the task of degree of completion to my database.
Would you like help me to resolve the problem?

Hi Stefan,

I hope all is well. I was also wondering whether it is possible for students, and even teachers, to visit a Cospaces creation and then be able to assess the creation and have the results recorded somewhere.

For instance, could a student view another classmate’s CoSpace creation and peer-assess it? Would the results be stored within the CoSpaces platform, or would it have to be sent to another 3rd-party platform?

Best, Paul

Hi Stefan
It is very importance to record students’ data on the database. Especially, the data about the questions that students’s response. Will CoSpaces provide the functions or API recently? Thanks,