Student cospace deleted

Hi ! student SHA043 has lost his CoSpace. Is there anything I can do to retrieve it.

Ian Phillips

Hi @ianhabs,

If the student has deleted their CoSpace, I don’t believe there is a way to retrieve it.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi @ianhabs,

if he archived his CoSpace, he could find it in Archive tab.
If he pressed “Delete forever” button, then the CoSpace is deleted permanently.

I lost my cospaces project too. I didn’t delete it or archive it. The background and everything was there, but the actual thing I had worked on for 2 weeks was gone

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Hello all,

I have the same issue again. A student has all of their items deleted from their CoSpaces. I do not know of a version history capability. Any help would be appreciated.

That’s really sad, @mpage. @Stefan, could you get someone to investigate? Also, is there any version control for content in the back-end?

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

My student has lost his final end of year project. He didn’t delete it. It is his final, How do we get it back? He needs it to pass the class. Please help!!!

@Tamara.Koehler and @Coralie, it would be great if a dev could look into these last 2 issues.

Many thanks,

Hi, I’m sorry to hear your student losing all their hard work. We noticed that the space still contains all code and audio files, as well as all 3D models that were uploaded to the asset library. Unfortunately we’re unable to restore the models placed in the scenes and can’t recover the space to a previous state.

Was this a collaborative assignment? At this time we can only assume that the models were deleted manually from the scene, but we’ll update you on this investigation if we find out more.

Hi @Mary_Beth_Burns,

Please check if the space was accidentally archived. You can do so by navigating to the “Archive” section of the dashboard for your student and hopefully find it there.

Hi Mary are you all sure that nobody has the password of the student. Could it have been deleted by one of the other students? When you delete a space CoSpaces always asks you if you realy want to do this.
Normally when a CoSpaces becomes important I always make a backup, also of the most important works of my students. Maybe this could be an idea for the future. All the best

it happened to me to, i worked on ma project foe then two or 3 weeks, amd i just got that?? why does that happen for all? … like i really worked so hard for that, and this feeling was the worst i have ever got soooo i hate that

Sometimes my students think that their work is deleted but they registered with a different account without noticing. A CoSpaces will be deleted only when you really want to delete it.
I can happen you delete accidentally a student account. When you admit another time your student you will find this work. Teacher with a pro account can find students work in the Class. When a student didn’t save this work in his one account it can happen that he will not find it anymore. This is something to be aware when you work with trail codes. I hope you will have the possibility to refind your work.