Student Projects - Sharing options? Moving to Assignment folder?

We have recently migrated a class of students from CoSpaces Maker accounts to CoSpaces EDU accounts. Although they are connected to the teacher, they did not complete an assignment for this first project because it was already underway.

Is there any way to move the student project into an assignment folder, so the teacher could generate a share code or a link to the project?

I don’t see a way for students to share their work from a personal space or from a space located in the assignments section? That is a LOT of work for the teacher to individually share out student projects, and most of them would want to have a way to share out the student work. For most of our tech projects, students usually take finished work and share to a Padlet wall, Google Classroom, Seesaw, Schoology etc. depending on what the teacher is using.

Thanks for any help!


The next update will make it possible for teachers to go into the “My Spaces” section of their students and then share those spaces.

The possibility that students can create sharable links directly is also planned but still in the works. So I can’t give a timeframe for this feature to be available.

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Thank you! We look forward to that update. :grinning:

For this lesson, we’ll have the kids log into their own space on iPads to share with classmates. We have VR glasses, but it will be too time consuming to log in each kid. Maybe next time. Unfortunately, we have no way to share out these projects to parents or on Twitter with the author.

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How do I add students to a class? I was able to copy a code but what link do I send them to join?

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If a student doesn’t have an account yet they need to create one on our website and they will be asked for the invite code.




If the student already has an account they can enter a new invite code by clicking on the “Join class” button in the top navigation bar.

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Just to update you on my experience this week:

It was quite time consuming to share projects on iPads and VR headsets because we had to individually log each student in. Beyond that, the students can’t share these projects with an audience unless they log into their account. I realize the teacher can share out spaces soon, and could do that now if we’d created them as an assignment. This, however, still takes a long time when most teachers have 20+ students; more if they are teaching the subject to multiple classes.

Thanks for taking time to listen, respond to questions, and adjust the product to better meet teacher needs. I truly appreciate it! :blush:

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Thank you for your feedback! I’m going to forward it to the team and I’ll keep you updated on upcoming changes.

I’m planning a project with a school that I’m working with. I’m currently debating (with myself) whether to advise using Maker or Edu. I would rather they use Edu but I agree with Bethany that the ability for students to share by a QR code (with teacher’s permission if necessary) is absolutely vital for previewing on VR headsets.

Is this planned change likely to happen by January 2018?

Many thanks!

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Hi Graham, we are currently working on more share features and hope to release them before the new year. We will keep you updated on our progress :slight_smile:


Thanks for adding the student sharing option! That’s perfect for us!


Hi Ben,
Is the sharing option available yet?
Thanks! Beth

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Thank you very much

Is there a timeline for the student sharing feature? I recently purchased EDU licenses assuming they could move to VR mode. I have several students who will be in different places in the school on a student showcase night, and they’ll all want visitors to be able to see their spaces in VR. Had I understood this limitation in advance, I would not have purchased the seats.

It’s there now, but it was just a little tricky to find. The default is that sharing is turned off.

To turn sharing on:
-Go to Account settings in the bottom left hand corner.
-Select all users or specific users you want to turn on sharing for.
-Use the action button at the top or the three dot menu next to each user to allow sharing.