Student spaces going "grey"

Student spaces (or scenes within spaces) suddenly look “grey”. The space is still playable and all items + buildings appear when it is being played, but the space is no longer editable because it can’t be seen in the building/edit screen.

Hi @J_Pipher,

Could you provide a share link to the space where you encounter this issue?

This is how to create a share link.

Thanks! We’ll take a look into the space and see what’s causing the problem.

Thanks for looking into it! The suggested solution (clicking on a different item in the item hierarchy to shift the camera) did not solve the problem, unfortunately - I don’t think it is a camera placement/zoom issue… Any other potential problems/solutions?

This was indeed a camera issue. We have fixed it in your group assignment space. Enjoy!

If you have any other spaces going grey in edit mode, please report them as well.

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Amazing - thank you so much!