Studying Flight

Is there a way one of you experts can help a Fifth Grade Teacher with the coding of the physics for flight? We have been studying Amelia Earhart and my students have been trying to get a plane to lift and not crash and bounce…lol

Help please!

Same issue. I can’t seem to help my student even animat it to be in the sky. Car was easy but the plane just wants to remain on the ground and not move. Did you ever get any help?

Hi @Jennifer_Stanis,

The airplane physics is very complicated. There should be lifting force and traction adjusted according to the angle and the speed.
There are be a few ideas how to implement it easier:

  • send airplane to fly on path
  • lower the gravity to skip calculating the lifting power

I made a sample CoSpace for you with this two ideas

on a second space press A and D to turn airplane and W and E to fly up and down. Press Q to accelerate. Feel free to ask if you have any questions

There can be other solutions and I am looking forward to see you CoSpaces with planes.