Stuttering camera, max size of a project, ways to split the size


I’ve been working with cospaces in a museum project. So far we notices the more videos are in the same room it crashes the experience.

This is my project. I believe the file size of the files will crash the camera and turn everything slow, unplayable at a VR device or even at the computer.
So, I removed the videos and everything run smooth.

I am planning to get the PRO to finish this project.It’s an Earth and Space Museum.

If I split the museum in smaller rooms and link then, will it solve the stuttering problem? Does the file is loaded all at once, or each room would load separately, allowing multiple rooms of the museum each one with one video playing and some images?

I am really looking forward to working in this project, to bring the experience of a museum to students in my city. Most of them never visited a museum and that will be their first experience with this place, even virtual.

Talking from the South of Brazil, awaiting some reply. Is it possible to load multiple videos on a same project without slow down? Is there a max size of a project? How many videos and images can be inside a Espace?

I’ll get PRO version according to the possibility.

Thank you very much.