Teleporting Player!

Ok, so I am making a parkour game. I want to make it so whenever you press R (which I want to be the reset button), you teleport to a specific x-y location. How would I go about this? (I don’t want to use the two camera method because then they can just skip through half my parkour.) Thanks :slight_smile:

You can use the move to position or set position with one of these blocks:

or if you want set position, its below

You can use set position

To check what position an item is at, right click on the item, then click transform and then it will show the position

Hey @Clyde_Beatty,

You can also have a look at this video: Key Applications: Games - CoSpaces Edu - YouTube

Or choose the “Parkour template” as inspiration when creating a new CoSpace.

I hope that helps!

Thanks. Tried it, it helped

thanks! will do and this will help with other parts of the game