Text Block disappears in VR

I am working on a virtual exhibit and the text blocks that I have attached and visible just are blank when I view it with the VR headset.

Hi @becca3940,

what device are you using for browsing VR? And could you please share your CoSpace, so we can investigate the problem

I was trying to use our schools google VR head sets

My student also made one that the text is not showing up on his text blocks in VR but shows up on his chromebook, just like mine does.

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You want to know which code or code can be used to limit the gallery space, or not to leave the gallery limit. Thanks

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We cannot reproduce the bug. Did you use google VR head set with mobile phone? If yes, what phone are you using for it.

we used both iphone 7 and then some kind of Android that the school has with their google exploration kits