Texture support for uploaded .obj

Hi there,
are any updates about the support for textures in uploaded .obj ?
In October it was mentioned it would be a ‘soon supported’ feature…

We want to create Science lessons, and the ability to visualize properly 3d models of - let’s say - digestive, respiratory systems and their organs is a big plus for Cospaces…

Thanks in advance,


Hey Mario,

This is still something that we are currently working but do hope to release it very soon.

Apologies for the delay.

Hey Mario,

I know this may not give you the objects you are looking for but I have found that the objects I use from

Usually have texture if I drag and drop the .obj and .mtl (sometimes .jpg or .png too)

give it a shot :slight_smile:

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These are not the objects you’re looking for…


Hi, as posted elsewhere in the forum, any news about this feature? Thanks.

HI @mariochiesa,

our texture support for .obj (and even .fbx!) is still in the works. We plan to release them soonish.