Thumbnails for planning resources

Hi - I was wondering if there are any thumbnail libraries of all the library items for students to use as planning tools when they are planning multiscene stories. There are many, so it is tough for them to plan while browsing the library within the cospaces environment

I like the idea of a thumbnail doc, for quicker scanning, OR, temporarily increasing the size of the Library panel to allow more Items to be seen (similar to Coding panel). Once a drag event is triggered on a Library Item, the panel would spring back to normal size. @Coralie @Stefan, thoughts?

I’m interested in the planning aspect @smartears - I would have thought it would be faster to prototype-as-planning? Is this purely for evidence of planning? What are your students currently using to plan?

Remember, also, that you can search for more objects via Uploads > 3D Objects > Web Search, and upload free objects from Poly/SketchFab/Free3D etc.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi – The planning part is to really make sure the students learn the language – So they come up with an idea and storyboard it first. Then, they need to go to cospaces and actually set up the scenes, characters etc. I’ve run into situations where the student planned for a certain character which is not available in cospaces library or in the web search. e.g. some of the girls plan for stories with princesses etc. so they end up simply using something else. It would be easier if they could see all the thumbnails so they know what is available in the library. They love using the built in animations and are not very keen on using imported models where there is no animation possible. I work with students who have a hearing loss, and our primary goal is language learning and using cospaces for the computational thinking as well as learning. I create lots of listening tasks for them, and they also have to record conversations (they are learning to talk and none of them use sign language). Hence, the thumbnails!

That’s awesome, and interesting!

Geoff @ TechLeap