Too many pictures slow down my space

Hi, I’m working on a cenarium with lots of images. When I open the app to play the work is so big (images are to heavy) that the app closes. What are the best size to setup the images for so the app can play it comfortably?

Thank you,

Hi @maria_antonia_souza!

we know that big .gif and .png files often contribute to a slow viewing experience. Have you gotten your images from the web-search feature, or have you uploaded them directly from your computer?

In general, it’s good to keep images under 1MB and not use more than 100 in a scene. Using a lot of .gif files will also slow down the space significantly. When you have to use a lot of images in your project, spreading them out between several scenes is also a good approach.

You can paste the share link of your space (from the “share”-button) here so we can take a more detailed look into your creation, and see what can be improved :slight_smile: