Traffic light problem

When I coded the traffic lights to turn green yellow and red, they worked fine, but after adding some more code to some traffic I’ve been adding, the traffic lights that are green turn yellow then stay yellow. In the first cycle, it works, but in the second cycle, it does not. Can you help me with this. when you get on my link, hit play and look at the traffic lights and the code to see what went wrong.

Hi @Weldon_Sarmiento-Gue,

You had a wrong “Move on path” CoBlock, that throws an error and the script stops execution. Please, check the first parameter of all “Move on path” CoBlocks to be items.

Also, you can simplify the first tab, if you create one big run parallel block with few forever loops. Other nested run parallel and forever CoBlocks are not needed.

Please, feel free to remix the fixed CoSpace to explore the changes.

I have to make busses run through poles to change the traffic light in my Cospace. How do I use variables to cancel this running-into-poles-thing? I also am not a fan of putting them on timers either because it gets confusing. I also can’t figure out how to share or post, sorry for the inconvenience.

Here’s how a quick guide to get the share link

There’s no share button.

If you have student account, please ask your teacher to allow you to share your space (see this thread for more details)