Transferring ownership of a Class

Hi everyone,

We have a teacher who is finishing at our school in the next few weeks and the students are mid way through a project in an assignment in their class on CoSpaces.

The new staff member has started the school today and we have added them to the license plan and also added them as an additional teacher of the class in CoSpaces.

Is it possible to transfer ownership of the class? Alternatively, what will happen when the original staff member leaves? As long as we don’t remove their account from the license will the class remain for the time being?

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I’m not sure whether the licence can be transferred, but @Coralie, @Stefan, or @Tamara.Koehler will know.

Yes, if their account stays, the classes will stay.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi Ian!

Transferral of class ownership to other teachers is not possible. If the staff member leaves the CoSpaces Edu License plan, they’ll take along their classes with their account.
The best plan of action would be to not remove or delete the account of the staff member from the license plan that leaves, in order to keep all classes of that teachers intact and instead have the leaving staff member invite Co-Teachers to their classes

We’ve added the ability to transfer ownership of classes to our feature requests for future updates!