Trouble uploading 3d models

I just uploaded a 3d model of an aircraft carrier, but it can’t upload the model even it’s a zip file :frowning_face:

You can’t add in your cospaces every types of file, be sure that the model was downloaded as an .obj or .mtl or .fbx model

But Cospaces also allow zip file

Hi @Ace-Combat-Fan send here your file

Yes .zip but it dipends what’s inside. Only fbx, obj + mtl. (these could be uploading the zip file) .
By the way is there a easy / quick mode to convert different 3D files? Do we always need Blender?

Sometimes you must unzip and make a new zip because you have a folder inside (ex : give name.folder with an other folder inside and then inside this folder yours files BUT unzipping must give name.folder with the files and no more folder inside).
i hope it’s understanding :wink:


Astrid, try MeshLab for conversion of 3D files. Works well for us, in most cases.