Trouble With Loading My Space

Hi I am new to using cospaces and have created a VR/ 360 art museum with my students art work.
When I try to open my space on the mobile app (iphone) my space crashes at about 45%. I tried to open other gallery experiences and they load and work fine. I deleted and uploaded the app a few times with no success. Is the problem with my space? How can I tell?

Hi @Elsa_Lemos,

Since the app crashes on your phone it’s likely that there are a lot of images or videos in the space, and that as a result your phone runs out of memory. A fix for that is to use less images, and at a lower resolution.

Could you provide a share-link to your space for us? We’d like to take a closer look and see what’s wrong exactly. Below you see how an unlisted share-link can be made :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I have attached the link below:

Hi @Elsa_Lemos,

We’ve taken a look through the space and noticed a lot of large images and sounds were used. We optimized the artwork images (from 1-3mb to 0.2mb) & the song playing in the background so that mobile phones can load them easier :slight_smile:

Feel free to press the remix button to copy it to your spaces.

Please let us know if this resolved your issue!

Thank you! It works wonderfully! Can’t wait to share with my students, they will be thrilled!

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