Una scena o più scene?

Sto realizzando un gioco su una unica scena. Man mano che vado avanti mi sto accorgendo che il progetto si sta diventando pesante. Alle volte devo cambiare browser per poterlo caricare.
Il gioco si sviluppa su un’area esterna e una casa con 4 stanze. Se dividessi il progetto su due scene, area esterna e casa, diventerebbe più fluido?

Domanda molto interessante. Ho lo stesso problema. Chiediamo a @techleapnz @CoSpaces_Edu

Riguardo a questo problema sarebbe interessante un ‘direct link’ to a new CoSpaces.
Desideriamo a risolvere la pesantezza del file per rendere navigabile il progetto con il visore ClassVR per esempio.

[Monastery Escape] key to get in 473 https://edu.cospaces.io/MDG-FTW

PS any suggestions to optimize the accesilibity of the locker?

Hi @astrid_hulsebosch The CoSpace you’ve shared isn’t remixable, so I can’t make any suggestions.

As an aside, while it’s not a strict rule on this forum, it’s generally encouraged to post in English, where possible, until there’s automated translation built in.


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while it’s not a strict rule on this forum

  • Hi @techleapnz I understand your point but for latin speaking people the english language not always is an opportunity, in Italy people learn english at schools but in the daily experience they don’t have the opportunity to excersise. I ask ‘CoSpaces’ how to handle this issue in the forum. I understand that it’s important to include everyone who wants to participate in the forum. If it’s possibile we use the english language but we try to involve also other speaking CoSpacers at we are an international community. PS: I’m a Dutch Teacher living in Italy for more than thirty years, and I practise french and english when I have the opportunity.

Yep, I understand this - I speak German and Japanese and Te Reo Māori - and I agree that we should not be excluding people from participating on the forum, which is why I said “where possible”.

I have been on forums where sections for different languages were set up - it could be something for @CoSpaces_Edu to consider.

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I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I ask again using English language.
I’m making a game using only one scene. As I go forward I realize that the project is getting heavy. Sometimes I have to switch browsers to be able to load it.
The game is spread over an outdoor area and a house with 4 rooms. If I split the project into two or more scenes (an outdoor area and a house) would it become more fluid?


Hi there,

Regarding languages on the CoSpaces Edu forum, we indeed encourage using English so that all the community can benefit and exchange :slight_smile: We’ll look into the idea of organizing the forum with other languages and in the meantime, you’re welcome to use Facebook groups.


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Thank you for answering. I hope the that in the future in the Forum there will be translate possibilities. This Forum is very good, Facebook groups are nice but different.

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