Unable to override quiz command

Hi cospace team,

I am trying to create a quiz and I want the quiz to simulate a plane dodging obstacles like flappy bird but in a quiz format. The plane will keep flying forward but the moment it touches any obstacle, it will reset it’s position. The only way to dodge the obstacles is to answer the question correctly. However, I am unable to do that.

The issue: The plane will carry on flying forward without resetting it’s position when it comes into contact with the obstacle. I am relatively new to coding hence I am not confident in it. I hope you will be able to help me with this issue. Thank you!

Link to my scene:CoSpaces Edu :: Plane quiz

Hi @s10177286,

The link you’ve shared isn’t working. Most likely you’ve shared a link to your private space which only you have access to, or the shared space was unlisted. Please create a share link of your space so that we can take a look at it :slight_smile:

Here’s how to get the share link:

Thank you for help but I have already solve it. Thank you!