Unable to remix a remixable project

Hi everyone. Hoping for a sanity check as I have someone unable to remix a project (http://cospac.es/2G75) that many others have remixed and I can see the remix button on a fresh browser. She has sent me multiple screenshots of the same project loaded, but she sees a different time stamp and no remix button.

Any ideas why this might be? I can’t sort it out.

Hi @Clint_Carlson,

Here are possible reasons why a space can not be remixed in this case:

  1. The user is not logged in their CoSpaces EDU account
  2. The user does not have a PRO subscription

Keep in mind that BASIC users can not remix other spaces :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

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I would suggest clarifying this in the lesson plan and communicating that Basic users can still participate by creating their own VR meals from scratch :slight_smile:

In fact, I think we could mention the remixable template as a “Pro tip”, instead of it being introduced first as the standard process. Do you know what I mean?

Can you shift the remix availability to basic subscription?

I don’t think remixing at all is available for basic accounts. You might be able to remix a Cospace in your students free play.