Unlimited building space and variables

Can there be unlimited building space and variables across scene?

Variables that sync between scenes are already a thing—try the

and the reporter block , these set values that you can retrieve from a different scene, or a different script in the same scene.

As for unlimited building space, that may be due to a technical or memory limitation—I wouldn’t be surprised if a 60m × 60m Scene could begin to take up a lot of data when it has many objects and scripts! Yet I don’t really have any idea about the way CoSpaces work, so it would be interesting to hear the team’s take on this one.

You have unlimited vertical space; you have a defined horizontal space. You can scale everything down - including the camera (as long as it is attached to something).

Unlimited vertical building space is quit useless. Even if i can make Z into a new X, the new Y and new Z will be limited, so it is only possible to build a super long road if i build in vertical.

I need unlimited building space because I am trying to make a huge city but I don’t want to build it in chunks.

I’ve seen this “attach the camera to another object and make it smaller” trick described a bunch of different places but I seem unable to get it to work. When I attach the camera to another object or moveable character (or group them, for that matter), I am unable to reduce the size of the camera. What is the step I’m missing?

By reducing the size of the object the camera is attached to, it reduces the height of the camera.

You can reduce a little using the drag-to-scale button, but you can reduce even further by editing the Scale directly under Transform in the Object Inspector.