Uploading 3D Models from iPad

Hello All

I am working with my students and we do not have PCs, all we have are ipads, we can upload most things as there is an option, but I cannot seem to get their 3D models in there from the iPads.

Is there a way to work around this or can you only drag and drop from a PC?

Thank you for any advice you can get on this matter

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Hi @Mr_Langstone,

Currently you can only upload 3D models from the web browser via pressing the Upload button or by dragging and dropping the file(s) into tour browser.

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Hi Stefan,

Will there be an iPad 3D model upload function available this year ?

Thank you.

Best Lars


My students use iPads and the cospaces app. When they try to access cospaces via web browser it switches to the app. They really need the upload button on the 3D models tab. When is this going to be added?

hello uhm how do you make games :thinking:

Hi @emmmabuglady, this post is not the right place for a question like this. But I can understand in the beginning you need to know how the forum works. I suggest to do a little research using the search browser in the forum and explore the different sections: In the categorie ‘Lesson plans & Instructions’ you can find a lot of ideas and suggestions and so in the ‘Coding’ categorie. MAKING GAMES IN COSPACES.
Good Luck

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