Uploading 3D models

I am a teaching consultant and have been looking at ways to upload 3D models to the cospace so the children can create museums or factual towns/cities with objects from that period. I have uploaded some files that have been zip or obj; however some models don’t seem to want to upload even in a zip file such as a model in a .dae
Could you give me some guidance that would help so that I can upload them properly with the textures to the space I am making? Thanks

Hi @Zack_Griffin,

At this time CoSpaces Edu supports the following 3D formats:

  • obj + mtl
  • fbx
  • stl

In case your model contains textures, make sure to bundle both textures and 3D files into a single .zip before uploading them to CoSpaces Edu. Also note that we have an upload limit of 50mb :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Hi, @Zack_Griffin could you send here one of your objects?

Hi Zack, sometimes files are too big, other times the shared files aren’t complete.Giuseppe Schiuma learned me to be attent and see if the mtl. file is included. Sometimes the missing mtl.file makes that your object is just white.

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And quite often the textures are in folders, or the .MTL file contains references to the modeller’s own filesystem.

If in a ZIP file, unzip, get the textures and model into the same folder, make sure all references (in MTL file, which you can open with a text editor) are to the current folder.

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