Uploading a new image to a panel

I have created several pop up panels in my cospace but I can’t seem to find how to change an image to one I upload

Please help

Hi Tina,

I guess you mean the info panels you can create using Blockly. There you can select uploaded images from the dropdown menu.

Yes. I have tried this but it only shows the image option that is built in. I have tried several different ways and have the image on display in the environment and set to be accessible by blocky but still no joy.

Yes, in order to select an image in the “info panel” block, you need to upload it via “Upload -> Image upload” option. Otherwise it’s not visible.


But we are going to change it in the future so that all images are selectable in this block, no matter how you uploaded it.

I actually did do this. but no joy

Can you please share a link to the space so I can have a look at it?


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