Uploading environments

How do you upload environments?

An example is the Curse of ACS Cobham.

I can’t find any place to upload it.

Hi Clint, you can’t upload your own environment in a standard 3D scene. Curse of ACS Cobham is just a standard night environment. You can use a 360 photo scene and upload a 360 photo though.


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Ohh okay then. How do you make a standard night envir?

By clicking Environment > Edit, selecting the first environment (top left), then click the moon under Filters.


How did they add the trees to the environment?

Hi @Bladebob20000,

You can use the tree items in the library and add them to your environment via drag & drop. Trees and other environmental items can be found in the Nature tab of the item library :slight_smile:

After I remixed it, I can’t seem to move the tress or unlock it. I can’t find it in the upload section either.

@Bladebob20000, the trees are part of the environment - you can’t move them. I don’t know the exact software the developers are using to create the environments, but you can use Blender to create your own (for use in other game engines).

Geoff @ TechLeap