Using Blockly to Have A pair of Characters have a Conversation

I am currently making spaces based on simple childrens storybooks and want the characters to start “talking” when the person enters the scene. I would like the characters to have a back and forth conversation.

I know how to have the character speak when clicked on but would like to make it so:

1: it starts automatically when the scene is entered (and resets when left)
2: have the chracters have a 4-6 line back and forth converstation

Anyone help me out?



Hi Robert,

you can basically code it straight down like this:

Link to the example scene:

I have a student who has grouped a person with a skateboard. He has coded it to move and turn correctly. He would also like to code his person to say something while riding the skateboard.

We have attempted to use the Group block found in the “GET” menu and place it into the conversation code blocks, but the code block will not accept a grouped item to speak.

Any advice for a fix?

Thank you!

Hello Laura_Stegmann,

you can set person object as a parameter for conversation block (don’t forget to select “use in blockly” checkbox for person). It should have the same result.