Using CoSpaces App without having to Login

Is there anyway for students to use the CoSpaces App without having to Login. When I try to login to the App on school wifi, I get the message that the server can not be located. I believe this is due to the fact that our school system blocks apps that require login. . Because students are not needed log in on an iPad, those devices are given the most strict restrictions since usage can not be tracked by user.
Students can login to the CoSpaces Website to create a design on Merge Cube, I just have no way to let them use the merge cube to see what they created.
I am working to see if I can get it unblocked, but are school system is not known to unblock when they have made up their mind!
We have a set of 20 merge cubes and I want to use CoSpaces/Merger cubes with my students.

You can generate a share link and qr-code from the ‘share’ menu item.
You can’t directly save the qr-code image, but if you make a screenshot of that page and then save the qr-code portion of it, you can print that qr-code. Then, students can use the app and tap on the qr-code icon (it’s at the right of the search input area on the top of the app): frame your printed qr-code and simply enter into the space, without login.

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