Using real VR, Go or Quest

I teach 6th-8th grade STEM classes and started using CoSpaces when there was support for the Oculus Go. We have a VR lab at our school with 30 Go and 30 Quest 1 sets and my students really miss the chance to code an app in Cospaces and then experience it in true VR i.e. not using a browser . Is there
any support for real VR on the Go or Quest? I have a set of Merge Cubes but this is a limited product for AR, not true VR. I can understand not continuing to support the Go but I don’t understand why they pulled the program completely from running true VR.

Hi @eloeswick,

Oculus Go has been discontinued and no new apps can be added to the Oculus store since December 4, 2020. This means that CoSpaces Edu is no longer available for this platform unfortunately.

However, if you want to experience CoSpaces with immersive VR on the Oculus Quest or Oculus Go then you can still open Cospaces Edu on the Oculus web browser. Simply open, start a space and you’ll enter VR :slight_smile: