Video controls available?

Hello everyone.

I am trying to create a 3d exhibition with videos made by some boys and girls from school. I can add the videos but I would like them to start playing with some action or movement. It is not okay if they all play at once. Any way to control playback? Thanks.

Hi @maulican,

you can use “Play video” and “Stop video” CoBlocks from the actions menu and attach them to any objects on scene (or to the video object itself)

Thanks Nikolay

I had not seen these options because I use the free version and I guess they are not enabled there. But your answer confirms me that it’s possible in the paid version. I could really use a paid version with a single seat for cases where you want to work thoroughly with the program without the goal of showing it yet. It seems like a big waste of a 100-seat license where you’re only going to use one. Thank you very much for your response.

Perhaps, you could us 5 seat license. Please, take a look at the license plans here