Video - Play and Pause Script

I was hoping someone could help me create a script for the following CoBlocks code.
I’ll keep trying on my own, but I am struggling at the moment. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


const v1 = Scene.getItem(“q02CrXKX”) as VideoItem;
const playV1 = Scene.getItem(“DNVBo3oa”) as MediaItem;
const pauseV1 = Scene.getItem(“nKUnDr0o”) as MediaItem;

playV1.input.onClick (()=>{; });
pauseV1.input.onClick (()=>{; });

Hi @Tobias_Butler,

Well done for working this out yourself! For an alternative solution, see this remixable CoSpace:

For more demos, you can search the Gallery for keywords, using the Search Bar, or my username, “TechLeap”.


Geoff @ TechLeap