Video sound starts when the room enters

My students uploads a video, and they code it to start when clicked - it works fine. But the sound from the video starts when you enter the room - please help

Hi @Mikkel_Aslak,

Please make sure that Auto play is disabled on the video item.

If you still hear a sound when the scene starts then there may be other videos or sounds in the space that play on their own :slight_smile:

Feel free to share the space with us when the problem persists!

Thank you - We have tried that. The video and the sound seems to be disconnected. We only see it in one space and it starts even if we delete the movie. Is there another movie somewhere that’s auto play? We can’t see any?

You can see it here

Hi @Mikkel_Aslak,

After taking a look through the space we found one video was hidden in the wall :slight_smile:

You can make use of the Item Hierarchy to check out the different items in your scene. After deleting the hidden video item you shouldn’t hear any other sound playing.

Hope that helps!

The Item Hierarchy can be found by clicking on the scene tab, and then the icon next to the thumbnail.

We’ll make this feature easier to find in the next update!