Videos don't stop when cube is turned

Dear all,
in this cube the videos don’t stop even though programming tells them to.
Any ideas?


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Also they just start even though they don’t face the right side :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

try the coblock forever in the commands

without it the code that you don’t in the coblock “forever” run one time only.

Thanks for the fast reply!
I’ve tried these two things now

  • 1
  • 2

None of which worked unfortunately. Video starts right away and does not stop…

:joy: (that’s me trying to understand your CoBlocks :expressionless::thinking::face_with_diagonal_mouth:) :joy::joy::joy:

Would be possible to set the English language and resend the images?

Or for sure someone speaks your language, but you would have to wait a bit more.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi @SebEis,

Is it playing the video straight away when you look at it with the Merge Cube, or just on the desktop? My thinking is that it’s difficult for CoSpaces to understand the RayCasting unless you interact with it on the desktop. I think this is a bug though.

You could work around it by wrapping everything in a when Merge Cube is clicked event.

This code works fine for me. Forever loops aren’t needed, because it’s an event listener - it’s listening forever:

If you think it’s a bug, let Tamara know, and she can pass it on to the dev team.

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@Tamara.Koehler can you check this out / have it checkt our? I cannot seem to make it work, neither on the desktop nor on android-phone or iPads.
Thanks everybody for the replies!

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Hey @SebEis !

I looked into your CoBlocks code and found that you use two “when left cude side is looked” blocks. One in Videolinks tab and another one is in Videooben. The second one overwrites the first one, that’s why the first one does not work.
The videos start on scene play because they have autoplay enabled. You can disable it in the item inspector (right click on video item → press video button)


Whoops, sorry, forgot to mention that I changed the 2nd look event to “Top”.


Thank you all for helping out! What a stupid mistake :smile: :smirk: :see_no_evil:

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