Viewing Student Spaces as a Teacher

Hi there,

New user to CoSpaces. Is there a way I can view the spaces created by my students? I can’t seem to find a link to view them from my teacher login.

Thanks in advance :smile:

Hello Mr. Quan,

Simply go into your class and then the specific assignment and you should see all of your students spaces there.

Hope it works



Thanks Rob!

What if the Space wasn’t created as part of an assignment?


Hi Nate,

If the space wasn’t created as part of an assignment, then you’ll need the shareable link which can be found in CoSpaces, or you can use the QR code scanner on the mobile app.

Hope this helps.


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We are currently working on making it possible for a student to give access to the teacher to a space that was created outside of a class assignment. At the moment, it is not possible.



Thanks, Eugene, for working on this issue. We are new to CoSpaces Edu and my students also created their spaces outside the assignment, but signed into my virtual “classroom.” We do not see a share link or QR code on their student spaces but my space has both sharing options. Are the sharing options limited on student accounts?

Thanks for your help- Sue

Yes, currently sharing options are limited to the teacher only. This was requested a lot by schools as part of COPPA/FERPA compliance. However, we will add ability for the teacher to be able to decide whom of the students they want to grant this ability to.

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Thanks, Eugene- That way students can share spaces outside assignments with teachers who make a similar “newbie” mistake. And the teacher will have the option to turn sharing on/off.
Appreciate you support- Sue

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