Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

I am looking to do some VR and AR with my students next year. I would like my students to create as much as possible and I am looking at using CoSpaces to have them create some projects.

Is CoSpaces the best VR/AR site out there for 7/8 grade students or is there something else that would let them be as creative as possible? free netflix tech news


I came across CoSpaces about two years ago and haven’t looked back! I work with many students across multiple schools from year 0 -8. I have not found ANY platform that offers the range of learning that CoSpaces does.

All the students I work with love using the platform. It is easy to learn and has great scope in scaling learning for older students.

There is no better tool than CoSpaces!

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I work with 6-8th Graders. In the past 3 years we have used CoSpaces for different things. My class site from last year has a few examples of their work: