Walking On Computer

On some of the world’s my students have made they can walk around on computer in others they cannot what enables this feature?

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Hi @Dalton_Bauer,

these are different camera modes which your student can change in the camera item. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. In case you do not have a camera item in the scene, add it from the library:

  2. By double clicking (or right clicking) the camera item, you can switch between different camera modes that change how you can move in the scene

  • Fixed position: The player can only look around by dragging over the screen
  • Walk: The player can walk around using arrow keys, WASD keys, or the arrow-button on their mobile phone
  • Fly: Same as walk, but now the player can fly up and down by looking up or down before walking
  • Orbit: This is the same viewing mode as the one you know while building your space.
  • In some modes, you can tick collision on or off. It allows you to walk against, or through, objects

Hope this helps!

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