Weird cloning project

So in the past I’ve made this weird car duplicate it self a lot of times to move forward while changing it’s colour and crash into a wall sending the train of rainbow cars flying creating cool patterns that can be controlled by wasd(the cars use physics) but I can’t seem to get it right because I’m trying to recreate it, every time I clone a car and it moves, once another car clones the previous clone stopthis

if you have any ideas that I can try and do please tell me

Is it what you want?
When the user clicks the button, a car is cloned.
The previous car is still moving forward.

could you make it so that it keeps cloning just by pressing the button? it would help a ton.

Please check if it is what you want. It keeps cloning. You may adjust the setting for further match your preferences.

Is it possible that you can keep the car moving without stopping as it clones?


Thank you very much! that’s exactly what I need!