What does this means?

Hi @Coralie @Stefan ,
Could you please tell me what is this,

Sans titre

I have it in several of my cospaces.
Thank you in advance.


Hello tajajtsidi,

To solve this problem, you need to enable “remixing” check box in sharing details.


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Hi @tajajtsidi,

It appears there is now a limit of 1000 on the number of views for Unlisted CoSpaces; for CoSpaces which are Published to Gallery, the views are unlimited.

This is the first time I’ve seen it, so I’m guessing it’s a new feature, the reason for which could be technical, or sales-related.



Hi @techleapnz ,
All the cospaces that have this mark are published in the Gallery. In addition to this, they didn’t show when I search by name. When I use the search bar the cospases with the mark disappear.


Ahhhhh, so you have to make it remixable if it gets popular - interesting ploy by the team!

@Coralie it might be a good idea to proactively share this change with Ambassadors, so they can support other teachers with it.


All my CoSpaces which fall into this category are student work. I could go back and contact them individually to see if I have their permission to give licence to others to remix, but some I don’t have contact details for anymore.

This is a shame, as some of their work is inspirational. One of these was even featured in a CoSpaces blog post 2 years ago (fortunately I did a screen-capture video of it).

I would like to see proper attribution built into the remix functionality of CoSpaces (like in Scratch, for example) before I allow remixing of student work.

@Coralie @Stefan I would love to hear about the intentions behind this change.


Hi all!

As you’ve correctly figured out, we’ve indeed added a view count limit (max. 1000 views) for shared CoSpaces as part of our last release.

However, when a CoSpace is published to the Gallery and is remixable, there isn’t any limit to the number of views.

Hope this makes sense! :slight_smile:


FYI, to get around this limitation, I have simply duplicated and re-shared those CoSpaces which students want to be kept non-remixable. These projects also get a brief boost in the Gallery, on account of being “new”. Original CoSpace is deleted or archived.

Where students have agreed to making their CoSpaces remixable, the original views/likes etc are kept.