What is the difference between archive and delete class

I am trying to figure out the best option for teachers who are done using CoSpaces with students. We want to free up their accounts for others to use.

What is the difference between archiving and deleting a class forever. Does one remove student premium account? Do students lose work with one or the other?spling ding a ding

Hi Kevin,

when you delete a class then all the assignments and spaces in it will be gone and they can’t be restored. On the other hand when you archive a class then this class will be moved into the “Archive” folder. From there you can restore it again or delete it forever.

But this doesn’t remove students from the license. If you want to free up student seats then you can remove students from the license in the “Account management” individually.

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What will happen to student projects if they are removed as users from CoSpaces? Will they convert to CoSpaces maker accounts and keep their work or will all work be lost?

Hi Kevin, if a student is removed from CoSpaces Edu, then their work will be lost. You can however archive their work before removing a student so that you have a copy. Thanks

Hi Ben,

I followed your instructions to archive a Class before removing students from the license, however, it did not save a copy of the students’ work in the Archive. Is there anyway I can recover it?

The answer above is not exactly correct. The “archive” feature is not meant to save students work before removing them from the license plan. When you remove a student from your license plan this student is removed from all your classes, no matter whether they are archived or not. And when a student is removed from a class all assignments of this student inside this class are removed as well.

The only way to save the assignment is to make a copy of this assignment inside your “My Spaces”: just find the assignment in your class, click the three dots button to open the menu and and then click “Copy to My Spaces”. Once you remove student from the license plan copy of this assignment in your “My Spaces” will remain intact.

See here how to copy a space to "My Spaces"