When the music is finished


  1. I want to stopp all animation when the music is finished. How can I do?

  2. I want to make some things to disappear slowly . How can I do?

Hi @panaia, for the first question you can flag true to the block play sound so the script wait until the music ends and then you change the animation of your characters.

For the second question you can use a for cycle that for each step you decrease the amount of opacity of your item. You can set the velocity of disappearing by decreasing/increasing the time of wait for or by the number of each step (that will be obviously a negative number).

Look at this CoSpace:

Hope this helps, Giuseppe

hi @panaia, another option is to set a variable Status that stores two values: True or False; when the sound is playing the variable is TRUE, after it ends it becomes FALSE. All the motions (animations, path following etc.) are within a repeat while status is TRUE… when it becames FALSE the path following stops and you can add other commands to stop also the animations.

Please look at this CoSpaces:

This is the code:

Hope this helps.
Bye, Giuseppe